Castlemore focuses its services on individual, small, and start-up businesses. We empower you with more control over your financial futures through an affordable, effective, and reliable tax service.

Our team employs the latest technology and proven methods to deliver professional tax services at a price you can afford. By actively listening to your needs and understanding your pain points, we are able to provide high quality tax filing.

Canada’s tax codes are complicated, but we simplify and walk you through simple steps to solve your tax problems. Work with Castlemore to quickly get up-to-date with tax filing and streamline your accounting. This way you can stay ahead of the curve and not worry about it year after year.

We offer sophisticated tax advice to make calculations easier. Castlemore can also help you get the most out of your T4, T5, RRSP slips etc. through the online portal of CRA. This way, you can get all your late and back tax returns done quickly, easily and painlessly.