At Castlemore, we understand the many challenges you could face as a start-up business or a small corporation. We go out of our way to help you with your bookkeeping and accounting needs but we will also advise you on strategies to grow your business.

Maybe you need advice on what type of business infrastructure is right for your start-up? Or you may help and support when it comes to select the legal structure for your business?

We can also help you to decide on the most suitable structure for your business, be it sole-proprietorship, Partnership, or Incorporation. Our team can also help you design and develop a Business Plan.

As a start-up business, you know how important it is to conserve cash. From setting up the essentials like your accounting system to raising capital in the market for your business, you can count on us. Just get in touch with a Castlemore consultant today, bring your best business ideas. And we’ll help you to elevate them in a progressive manner.

When it comes to accounting systems we are here to help. We select, implement and customize accounting systems to meet your accounting needs. We work with you from beginning to the final implementation phase to ensure that the services are a perfect fit.

Our Business Consulting Service Include:

· Business Advisory

· Incorporation and Proprietorship Consulting

· Preparing Business Plans

· Implementing Accounting Processes

· Setting up Fraud Prevention and Internal Control

· And more