We are thriving across Markham, Oshawa and beyond.

At Castlemore our success comes by following the three-pillar strategy of customized Solutions, Excellent Service and Unparalleled Peace of Mind. Our commitment to exercise the strategies and it is this consistency in direction and execution that enables us to wake up each morning and make a difference in our client's lives.

Solutions Customized to Meet Your Needs

We recognize that every one's needs are different and we provide insurance solutions that are easily scalable and can meet the needs of diverse groups of people and organizations.

Best-in-Class Service

With Castlemore , you don't just get the best products, but the best service. We always go the extra mile – fast response, easier claims, quick updates, plus secure, comprehensive and personalized information. We are just one phone call away.

Unparalleled Peace of Mind

With tax and accounting packages and service you can count in, we earn your trust and loyalty by providing absolute peace of mind.

Our Company Profile

At Castlemore, we are committed to be your first choice for dependable tax and accounting services. We strive in providing the finest, most affordable and customized services to empower you and your family’s financial security.

In Toronto and nearby areas, our clientele continues to grow as our scope of services magnifies. At the same time, we stay focused on our primary field of expertise –  from simplified tax preparation to business consulting and a myriad of accounting services — to individuals, families and small and medium-sized businesses across Ontario.

Our goal is to make income tax planning and preparation smooth and easy. This could not be offered without our excellent customer-service approach. At Castlemore, we ensures that the technical aspects are communicated in language that makes sense, so that you and our valued clients understand how circumstances might impact them and their business.

We put your needs first and are committed to empower our valued clients to manage and grow their finances. We provide tax education through comprehensive consultation on the fundamentals of running a small business, as well as preparing for tax season.

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