How Good Is Your Bookkeeper? A Few Things To Consider

Bookkeeping is a vital function for all businesses. High-quality financials are essential to make sure that you use the information to make the right decisions for your business. It’s hard to predict what “quality” looks like if you have a variety of options for bookkeeping services like a CPA firm, an in-house bookkeeper, or its freelancers.

Here are three things that’ll keep you equipped to know whether your bookkeeper does a perfect job:


Bank Reconciliation


Bank reconciliation is one of the basic requirements needed at the end of every month.Your book must reflect the balance of bank accounts. Progressive accounting systems can provide bank feed integrations.An accurate bank reconciliation compares the bank statements with the cash balances and explains the discrepancies.


The Importance Of Bookkeeping


After the bank account reconciliation and when your cash is accurate, you must know the value of bookkeeping. It’s much more than an accounting file, that’s ready to prepare a tax return. When it’s done precisely, the books offer valuable information about how your business is doing and the basis for taking decisions in the future. Check out Castlemore Accounting to know more about the exceptional income tax services they offer.


On the last day of every month, you would get a note from your bookkeeper saying that your bookkeeping has been completed. Then it’s your turn to check the accounting system to know the information you want. A good bookkeeper will keep a track of changes occurring month to month. It shows inconsistencies, errors, and needed adjustments to bring out quality data that your investors can be relied upon.


Since your financials can tell a story, a good bookkeeper ensures they’ve got the story right with glean valuable financial insights.


Much Needed Communication


It’s crucial to maintain open and clear communication with your bookkeeper. Any good bookkeeper will be responsive enough to answer questions related to your books. They’ll keep an eye on flaws and discrepancies in your workflow and suggest ways to improve.


It can be tax compliance, investor report, or performance review, the good books can take you a long way. With a good bookkeeper, your financials are useful, precise, and stress-free.