Does the term “taxation” make you extremely happy? Did you break out the chocolate and champagne when the deadline for the tariff was approaching? Are you enjoying filling out forms, listening to the accountant drone about complicated rules, or searching for tax receipts? At last, you jump for joy if you get a bill of $100 from your accountant for primary income tax services.


When you are like others, the term “impost” can conjure up the same feelings as visiting a dentist for a root canal surgery. It won’t be pleasant if you have an accountant who charges you extravagant fees for his work. We know that you hate the subject of tariffs. Whether you like it or not, you must file your ITR regularly. You can do it by yourself, but people hate it because:


  • The process takes forever

Calculating the impost is difficult as it requires a lot of number crunching and takes a long time. They would like to spend that time with their families instead.


  • Complications abound

Since Canada’s tariff keeps changing now and then, a professional can keep up with these changes.


  • Mistakes can screw things up

People know that a small mistake or omission on their ITR can cost them thousands of dollars and lead to an audit.


The Simple Solution Can Be:


The solution is to hire an accountant, but that may not work. Some may overcharge and seem to be busy.


But Castlemore accounting services brampton are different, however. We listen to the client’s concerns and give expert advice accordingly. We digitize work, e-file your ITR, and offer digital copies if you want. We are available all the time and complete basic returns within an hour. No matter how complicated your returns are, we can do them in a week. Our auditing services come at reasonable prices. Get in touch today!